Stock Trading

Telephone Order

Delta Asia Securities Limited has a dedicated phone line for trading Hong Kong stocks. We have a team of experienced relationship managers and account executives providing customers with timely market news and trading instructions processing services.

Online Trading

The Internet Trading is a comprehensive all-in-one trading tool which enables a user to view real-time stock information; place, cancel, and change orders; monitor order status; check the account balance. Supported browsers includes Chrome50, IE11 or above, IOS Sarafi and Android browser.

Internet Trading User Guide

Mobile Trading

DAS Mobile Trading is a mobile trading app for the exclusive use by clients of Delta Asia Securities Limited. DAS Mobile Trading provides professional securities trading services that allow clients to trade stocks in the Hong Kong market. DAS Mobile Trading features Hong Kong stock market information, Top 20 rankings, financial news, industry constituents, ETFs listing, and dividend history and company's fundamentals etc.

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DAS Mobile Trading User Guide

Security tips for using internet trading platform